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removed offensive fortunes

commit 445b546003d071f3cf3cd6a0133b92397e5c9024 1 parent d62121b
John Floren authored

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  1. 13  sys/games/lib/fortunes
13  sys/games/lib/fortunes
@@ -230,7 +230,6 @@ Blessed are they who Go Around in Circles, for they Shall be Known as Wheels.
230 230
 Bosses never realize that a bottle neck is always at the top.
231 231
 Bourne again.
232 232
 Brain fried -- core dumped
-Brashith Alhim
234 233
 Bring your wife or husband and pink slip for the best trade-in deal in town.
235 234
 Bubble bubble, toil and trouble; cast that float into a double.
236 235
 Buick offers inbred american quality. -TV ad
@@ -291,7 +290,6 @@ Critics are like eunuchs in a harem: they know how it's done, they've seen it do
291 290
 Cthulhu Saves! ... in case He's hungry later.
292 291
 Dames is like streetcars -- The oceans is full of 'em. -Archie Bunker
293 292
 Dames lie about anything - just for practice. -Raymond Chandler
-Damn it, i gotta get outta here!
295 293
 Dangerous knowledge is a little thing.
296 294
 Data potato, du wop du wop.
297 295
 Day of inquiry.  You will be subpoenaed.
@@ -435,7 +433,6 @@ Experience varies directly with the equipment ruined.
435 433
 Explicit liber viri elephantini.
436 434
 External Security:
437 435
 FORTRAN 8X combines the simplicity of PL/I and the parsimony of ADA. -S Feldman
-Fact without theory is trivia, theory without fact is bullshit.
439 436
 Facta, non verba -- et verbum caro factus est.
440 437
 Facta, non verba.
441 438
 Fairness?  Decency?  How can you expect fairness and decency on a planet of sleeping people?
@@ -676,7 +673,6 @@ IOT trap -- core melted
676 673
 If A=B and B=C, then A=C, except where void or prohibited by law.  -Roy Santoro
677 674
 If Congress must do a painful thing, it must be done in an odd-numbered year.
678 675
 If God could perform the tricks we do, He'd be a happy man.
-If God had meant Texans to ski, he would have made bullshit white.
680 676
 If God had wanted you to go around nude, He would have given you bigger hands.
681 677
 If God is perfect, why did He create discontinuous functions?
682 678
 If God lived on Earth, people would knock out all His windows.
@@ -699,7 +695,6 @@ If at first you succeed, try to hide your astonishment.
699 695
 If bankers can count, why do they have eight windows and only four tellers?
700 696
 If butterflies had teeth like tigers they would never make it out of the hangar.
701 697
 If double-bubble inflation did occur, then the shadow world is exponentially uninteresting.
-If ever I utter an oath again may my soul be blasted to eternal damnation.
703 698
 If everything is coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.
704 699
 If ignorance were cornflakes, you'd be General Mills.
705 700
 If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
@@ -1693,7 +1688,6 @@ When time permits, your personal life will be exciting.
1693 1688
 When traveling with a herd of elephants, don't be first to lie down and rest.
1694 1689
 When you are over the hill, you pick up speed.
1695 1690
 When you need a sledgehammer, the finest scalpel just won't do.
-When you're damned if you do and damned if you don't, then DO!
1697 1691
 Whenever I see his fingernails, I thank God I don't have to look at his feet.
1698 1692
 Whenever I'm caught between two evils, I take the one I haven't tried before. -Mae West
1699 1693
 Whenever the Queen comes to New Zealand the Maori people suffer a disaster.
@@ -3068,7 +3062,6 @@ I can't go to the mall; I have to write a sonnet. -- Rebecca Bregman
3068 3062
 An economic reality of our time: computerized job deskilling. - a book review in Science
3069 3063
 The true ideologist does not let mere facticity impinge on his perfect understanding of the universe.
3070 3064
 one with nintendo/halcyon symbiosis/hand thinks for itself
-cold matsushita/their technology stronger/enslaves our people
3072 3065
 midori ito/girl finds glory, is broken/they can rebuild her
3073 3066
 honda seatcovers/winter warm and summer cool/little lambs no more
3074 3067
 the sand remembers/once there was beach and sunshine/but chip is warm too
@@ -3212,7 +3205,6 @@ You have a vast capacity for becoming embarrassed on other people's behalf.
3212 3205
 You have important hair.
3213 3206
 We seem to believe it is possible to ward off death by following the rules of good grooming.
3214 3207
 I just hate to be pushed around by some @#$%^& machine. - Ken Thompson, on the i960
-Easy reading is damned hard writing.  - Sheridan
3216 3208
 After hydrogen, the most common thing in the universe is stupidity. -Harlan Ellison
3217 3209
 	MOVL	R1,
3218 3210
 How can you write a big system without C++?  -Paul Glick
@@ -3379,7 +3371,6 @@ SPEC results inflated by too many compiler flags. -Microprocessor Review
3379 3371
 a.out: does not have gp tables for all it's sections
3380 3372
 ?warning: write might change good version of `sendmail'
3381 3373
 Being afraid of X is about as sensible as being afraid of sendmail.
-I wish these damn scientists would leave intelligence to the experts.  -Gen. Richard Stillwell (CIA)
3383 3374
 #include... <depending on your compiler>
3384 3375
 I don't like to spend my time on sterile discussions -- Bjarne Stroustrup, in The Evolution of C++
3385 3376
 There is no problem so simple that management can fix it.  - Dave Presotto
@@ -4115,7 +4106,6 @@ Glyph 390 is called ".notdef", a singularly inept choice of name.
4115 4106
 Well, I have tried to learn as much as possible from prior attempts.  If nothing else, we are committed to failing in a new way :)  - Elon Musk, SpaceX founder
4116 4107
 You've got a syntax error somewhere in your code.  It could be around line 15.  Good luck finding it.  - the Mini-C compiler
4117 4108
 Lucent is the best place 4 me to work. (Please keep confidential)
-It might be comfortable, but so is lounging in a big enough pile of shite.  - jmk, about ioctl
4119 4109
 i'm sure ken said we had persistant objects: ''they're called files''  - boyd
4120 4110
 But macros are like having these high-powered band-aids, when what you want is not to be wounded in the first place.  - Steve Yegge
4121 4111
 You’ve followed a link to a topic that doesn’t exist yet.
@@ -4156,7 +4146,6 @@ Some people, when confronted with a problem, think "I know, I'll use regular exp
4156 4146
 [Perl] combines the power of C with the readability of PostScript.  - Jamie Zawinski
4157 4147
 Subclass code (assigned by the USB-IF).  Indicates which industry standard command block definition to use.
4158 4148
 Globus is an unstoppable monster - rminnich; No, Globus is an unstartable monster - ericvh.
-Multithreading is just one damn thing after, before, or simultaneous with another.  - Andrei Alexandrescu
4160 4149
 ArrayList of int / my list of int, equals new / ArrayList of int  - Steve Yegge
4161 4150
 In the land of the clueless, the man with half an idea is king.  - Todd Robbins
4162 4151
 Chebyshev said it, and I say it again / There is always a prime between n and 2n.  - Paul Erdös
@@ -4294,7 +4283,6 @@ Does that say 25 or 29? - rae;  It says PH1. - jmk
4294 4283
 "The advantage of being an Ethernet device is so strong that even the plip interface (the interface that uses the printer ports) declares itself as [one]" - some linux book
4295 4284
 Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libpython2.7 (>= 2.7)
4296 4285
 That's a lot of ioctls.  Why not just create a new system call, or many system calls, instead?
-In my nightmares I am buffeted by this kind of jargon-ridden empty bullshit; demons sneak into my room and whisper ``efficiency explosions of dynamic risk that cause creative destruction and facilitate innovation.'' - Freddie deBoer on David Brooks
4298 4286
 JFFS2 warning: (1773) jffs2_sum_write_data: Not enough space for summary, padsize = -85
4299 4287
 We are experiencing some technical difficulty. Please contact our support team and provide them the reference number below. Error Reference: $referenceNumber
4300 4288
 iView is not compatible with your browser, operating system or device. Contact your system administrator.
@@ -4315,4 +4303,3 @@ Microsoft Office PowerPoint has encountered a problem and cannot exit.  We are s
4315 4303
 dd: argument 18446744073709551615 out of range
4316 4304
 A policeman's job is only easy in a police state. - Orson Welles
4317 4305
 Dear {FULLNAME}, This email was sent to {RECIPIENTS}. 
-Grammar... The difference between knowing your shit, and knowing you're shit.

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