Ok. Let's go.
We are looking for stability and velocity.
Also, here are veterans in plan9 wars, please advise all of us.
Perhaps this has no sense.
Yes, but...  advantages?
Code of conduct forbids insults, but Plan 9 tradition always was if you say
something stupid someone says "that's wrong".
F* today it's not my better day.
How can I fix this?
I have a gun, but that machine has an emotional meaning for me.
sigh!  stupid machine.  Perhaps later.
Perhaps I don't reviewed ape too well yet.
Pending: c99, zlib, pthread, perl (we need posix part, so native won't work, see
colmenar.biz.tm) and m4 for autotools and native gcc.  Still static.  At the
begining we'll have a nice 100MB cc1 compiler...
Good news are that now things appear to work
Mmm I can't understand.
About posix...
APE: goin to Glibc
Now, should be ndb refactored to a more standard way going to bind9 behaviour?
We still have problems with ahci drivers.  And we should test rio too.
We need add a func to mksys.go that can do the same as awk parser does.
I always forget that first amend, later changes.
Ok ok, don't be angry.
I forgot to remove mkfile.
This should be reviewed with calm and, please, try to help me.
As vga is which is not working (kbd and mouse are appearing like yes), I suggest
we should begin to review all vga related
ufh...  I don't know...  what should we do?
Well.  Harvey will work with glibc/x11 one day, but I want rio for now ("para ir
tirando", as we say in spanish).  But I never do this kind of job before.  Well, I
ported nanox to minix and work with X11 in many unixes, but at this low level: not
With harvey we dropped it at all.
At this point, harvey's memory management/regs model is not like in Plan9.
I'm already with it.
So we broke anything.
In these days with docker, azure etc, in which devops are learning puppet, scala,
rust even go...  is really so hard to learn bazel syntax or is a kind of fan mess
this inconditional taste for json?
Hell, you convinced me.
Mmm soon I can't.
Realemu broken.  Ahci broken.  Sata broken.
? yesterday it was booting fine for me.
humm...  I need to study this case with calm.
No warnings.
Anyway.  What about an /etc for configs?  /sys/lib or $HOME/lib is completely
useless for most of users these days.  Everybody expects to find their config
files under etc.  Lib is confusing, inside there's no any lib.
I'm not sure, I know that add a syscall to kernel in Plan9 world is at least like
sacrifice a lamb in front of a school: everybody will want your skin.  But why
Buff...  let me re-read all of your mails.  Lord...
Or I'm just wrong.
Nick, thanks for your offer: you're welcome.
main reason of my suicide issue?
How...  well.  How?
I'm agree.
If libsec it's under doubts about maintainance, about libmp I'm not sure.
I'm still thinking that OpenBSD is an independent and simply solution, but maybe
I'm wrong.
Nice mess.  Let me time to read deeply some interesting parts.
There are a little times when volatile is used in Plan 9.
Hard with it.  Until it explodes.
Yes, it has no sense in Plan 9, I know, thanks.
I even found a Rob's old mail answering a similar question saying that it's a
matter of file server (I can't remember original question).
Agree at all.
Inside, it's hellish.
It was not my fault...
Maybe I was wrong.
Has sense.
Not, seriously, I'm still in step of "what the hell are you doing?" while looking
at screen.
Sadly, none of them working properly.
Don't get this as I prefer personally one of it or the other...  or what
Nice lesson.
Another one.
I'm not sure.
It was just a joke.
Probably tty makesa review.
Perhaps I misunderstanded anything.
I want the black one.
The real question is: have we anything to show?
Perhaps we could do a lightning talk.
Ending session as in Bash.
You're in right.
People is people.
Today Marty and doc Brown are coming from 1985.
I think we can provide a gnome for fans.  And implement rio on our way.
In fact alien software won't be supported by us :-).
Your console mess is really impressive.
But sadly my Lenovo L420 doesn't boot Harvey: it hangs after printing "Harvey"
Looks nice, closer to kenc behaviour.
Could anyone test the system in real hardware?
Oh what a lucky I get.
It's just the *second* inline assembly in entire kernel/system source, so we can
afford that.
Check your spawning mess.
Ron?  Pleser make some light with your wisdom.
Try it.
I didn't debugged it yet.
It does nothing, just falls in exec screenconsole and stay there forever.
Damn, stupid.
Perhaps wrongly.
Not.  Great!
Enough for me.
I think microkernel would be nice.  Though Harvey wasn't a microkernel.
Perhaps some discussions would be inspirative.
Are we sure this is not in David's gpl repo?
Perhaps Charles could let us to change the license of this.
I'm not a lawyer, maybe I'm saying something stupid.
Another syscall!
Never try to sell me anything.
Ok show us the code, pizza-man.
Is this a stupidness?
I had to clone the repo again.
Perhaps patch command played with me.
But why is working for you and not for me?
Results later.
Dies or hang?
I didn't test in real Lenovo yet.
System has an strongly dependency on it.  And has the virtuosity of making life
impossible to me (also looking at the past).
I'm in my son's halloween kids party with his friends...
I did it.
It booted at all?
Yes, my fault.
Please, let us that scripting.
More people, more battles.
Glenda + gcc/clang won't be welcome by rest of community.
But Plan 9 is not any mascot.
Think...  we use gcc and in future clang.  They will hate us for years.
Don't be afraid, you never could be right with everybody.
First of all.
Not, sure.
I thought it yet.
Ok, I'm sorry.
Humm it has sense.
Another qemu issue, I guess.
who knows.
Note that I'm talking about glib as an ape replacement at all.
Fossil is extremely weak, and it wasn't implemented for years.
A lot of work.
Despiting drawterm, auth issues, and terminal part (gui) scheduled in parallel
until we have more people coding, free time or cpu server enough stable.
Yes, Go.
I remember myself spending a lot of hours bringing lighthttpd and apache to
List of killing: better new go servers.
Humm I can't see it.
I'm prone to allow discussions.
Ideas come over conflicts.
This is not our daily job, there's no deadlines, no payments, and yes many
suffering :-p.
Who knows.
If you go so far, I'll bring it for you.
If anyone has a howto for morons would be great.
Pffff does anybody has a cool working fs less than 10 years old which support ufs
or ext4 and has a wizard with "next next next" and don't fill the disk as a worm?
I have venti compiled, but untested.
APE repo is abandoned, but works.
It looks that ansi world never was really left behind, after all.
Humm ape is abandoned in favor of glib.
I'd rather to have gnu awk or bsd awk instead of venerable Brian's/Plan9 awk.
Ha ha...  well, gcc should be all the portable as you're suggesting.
When I was porting gcc to plan9, among other things, I didn't need gawk at the
Try to compile harvey in freebsd: fails about bison.
But hey, this is harvey.
This debate will never end, really.
We should write some papers, yes...  but it takes time.  Volunteers?
I hope we won't be a hell coding here.
We need to tell in wiki the difference between earthling ansi code and alien from
outer space.
Ape is gone, but working.
Satan will come later.
Well, about porting gcc don't worry, it's not difficult.
Hell will be glib.
Now tell me.
I need to enter deeply here.
My doubt is...  you can't compile a binary (not kernel) in Mac/BSD and run in
Harvey, no?  Or yes?
If it doesn't require changes in code, do what you want.
Be careful to not wasting your time.
Don't complicate your life, size it's not a problem this days, and support of gcc
or clang has some guarantee.
Rest we can't know how many time they will live.
And fighting against legends about "this is understandable and incompatible with
earth life".
You don't teach your daughters to eat with chinese sticks, no?  ;-).
Same elf?
I'm wrong.
What are all of that mails from "harvey-commits.9front@9front.org"?
How many years more will have to be dying Plan 9?  Another 15?
Plan 9 is still there, with kenc and rest, into its time bubble.
When I ported gcc (continuing Dhog's work), I concluded one terrible thing: it was
Someone said it to me in G+.
Yes, we have a first step: move to clang.  But we needed to start with something.
Well, as I usually say: ideas come over conflicts.
How many time will be happened until anyone says "clang sucks"?.
There's no sacred cows here, you all know it.
At the begining, it's better everyone in it's way.
On your own...  this is free land.
Let's do this less suck.
Please, if anyone can do it, post a screenshot :-).
Seriously?  Who talked with you?
We are many people here, from very differents skills.
Does anyone want to improve rio or change its look&feel?
Yes, still remains the idea of have our rare port of X doing if it's possible some
things from rio.
He he, ok, bring it.
Weston?  a new gui server?
Nano-X microwindows ? Xkdrive?
Great: I'm agree.
People like it.  You like it, and you know it.
I was reading the manual.
Why it didn't work when I tried to cpuing harvey from a plan9box?
Still making a bootable harvey disk.
We have problems with them.
I'm glad to see that my distinction between earthlings and martians is followed.
(I'm a dumb)?
Or I'm a dumb and didn't understand you at all.
(assuming everybody knows what's doing)
Please, resume your doubts and suggestions here.
Not, why?
Think offline...
Common guys, show off your swords.
Really?  How?
Not true.
Easy is not an argument.
Ok, I'm tired of this
Don't waste more time debating about.
Rest here.
I never did the cat.
Last night factotum was working.
Dozens of mails from gerrit here every week it's annoying.
You know I'm too.
But we broke that.
When I'll upload glib port I'll buy a gun.
Until I test this, I won't write the wiki part.
I remember that...  "let's go to make plan9 usable due to don't scare potential
I'm agree at all.
+ "acme/build.json",
We can back over this 1st Q. next year.
I can't understand you well.
What if you ask in Golang list?
*Are we sure this is working???*
I never understood this.
Everybody has ls working?
Not I'm wrong.
Can anyone confirm it's working with qemu?
Well I like anyway.
Mom!  Dad has a Mickey clock in his Peppa Pig computer!
Now it's completely useless.
It has sense.
Good reason.
It's broken for me again.
I think back to plan9 it's now a waste of time.  We started a non-return way.  And
harvey is now big.
I don't care linux world, but many of software will come from it.
Sure.  It's a matter of time.
In fact Ron never care about, his favourite sentence is "let's go with linux gcc
until we can", and I think that we can't now or we are close to not can.
About glib, I just want to do an easier and painless porting process.
buf...  too late to think in english.
And what is there?
Well, does not work :-(.
Any suspect, idea?
Aaah nop.
My doubt has its origin during my port of gcc days.
I explained it wrong.
I can't understand why all of this must be done manually.
You shouldn't can to do it.
I could.
I'm feeling old...
We have to do this working for grandma too :-).
I saw that message one time, years ago.
Kenc strikes back!
mmm any idea where to start to look for?
We broke anything.
Here we have a place for everyone!
Free cheeseburguer.
Months, months!  Talking about gerrit, vendoring and who knows.
First, Ron is not the leader.  It's ME.
And this is not a matter of technical arguments.  It's a matter of taste.
And we never will be agree.  It's obvious.
And by actual way we are walking to be nothing.  Another perfect os uncompatible
with life.
And I'm tired and bored.
I'm sorry for everyone who had different ideas about harvey.
Now let's go to have this working.  With google, ibm, oracle, my mom and my bloody
dog (when I have one).
And I'm just the Ron's puppet at the end.  So why wasting your time?
I won't spend even a minute trying to convince you about anything.
Go is almost fully working.
I'm fighting with glibc and trying to complete a qcow2 disk due to show and test
easily a working harvey system out there.
Tell me.
It doesn't break anything.
Damn, what a day...
It has been a long way since around 10 months ago, Ron and me met in a comment in
Google+ about Plan 9 and gcc, I think.
I hope step by step, we finally got a full usable system that people can use daily
and showing the Plan 9 spirit.
Yes, trying to build in windows is a worth more.  And dockerizing harvey more too.
Don't worry too much about gcc or clang.
Probably I'm wrong.
Goblins are multipling themselves everywhere...
The list of problems doesn't end here, sure.
Despiting planets alignment, lambs sacrified, possesions, ashes, seven head
beasts...  one or two prays to get working configure, hacking until death its
resulting config file and luck.  A nice party.
People like games.
Third reboot (trying to set up service=terminal)
that?  it's the first time I'm seeing that.
Since now, everyone who critics gerrit and does not contribute with a piece of
code, will have to drink a beer and compile gcc in a Raspberry Pi...  waiting
until it ends at all!.
That's Harvey's tirany.
Last doubt.
I'm afraid we spend all the time trying to setup it.
It's not working for me :-(.
Step by step.
Forget it, wrong thread, gmail played with me.
But, hey, we're here.  It's a record.
But we are measuring different things.
This day had to come.  And now we are here.
We like Plan 9, its kernel, design, concepts, architecture...  but as with Unix
research editions 30 years ago, it's nude.
We're trying to supply this abism in Harvey respect of Plan 9, mostly because in
central things, History chose other ways never implemented in Plan 9, but now in
Harvey: standard ABI, elf, etc...
We're trying as well to open a new way in this linuxized world making different
things like user space file servers, bringing to life a nice but old kernel and
trying to provide with well known tools an environment to research, learn and
innovate in an OS that was margined due to a bunch of reasons were trying to
break.  And theyre long to tell.
And I don't know how to answer you well.
Do you remember those days when you couldn't open an ms word doc in a linux box?
There are much more.
Old generation rules.  Harvey has a very good granpas :-).
So we'ere really not gaining anything, has it sense?
APE is POSIX 1 and C89 pure code well, not at all .
Taddaaaaa!  (attached)
Really we haven't a cross compiler, because normal linux gcc is our crosscompiler,
so with a toolchain targeted for harvey and minimal programs pseudo crosscompiled,
we can go into harvey and bootstrap entire toolchain and its dependencies.
between go and awk, we will have an incredible system :-D.
Perhaps we could improve 9P while we're looking for solutions, or mnt.
One year now.  And we are still here.  With illusion, doing things, researching,
opening ways...
Huh...  a lot of things to read.
I was wrong.
Try something like this: kvm -s -m 2048 -monitor stdio -serial /dev/pts/2 -machine
pc -net nic,model=rtl8139 -net user,hostfwd=tcp::1522-:1522 -redir
tcp:17010::17010 -redir tcp:17013::17013 -device ahci,id=ahci -drive
-device ide-drive,drive=disk,bus=ahci.0 -append "service=terminal nobootprompt=tcp
fs= auth= user=harvey nvram=/boot/nvram nvrlen=512 nvroff=0
mouseport=ps2 vgasize=1024x768x8 monitor=vesa" -kernel
sys/src/9/amd64/harvey.32bit -vga vmware
Main reasons with a bunch of others that could explain why there's no install iso
Dunno, try it.
Ok for me, Merlin.  As you wish.
Don't be afraid about telling us about how do you want to do and how we can make
the experience for new programmers/users better.
Ok, I'll try later.
How will I reboot remotely my real server since now?
Thank you for do it.
Well you're the master.
In Harvey there's a place for everthing...
I never used them, but that doesn't mean they could be useful.
Well, here then.  Pandora's box opened.
Harvey is not Plan 9 at all.
I think 4th july is good *but*, we are the aliens living in a linuxized earthling
Well, it seems like nobody is doing nothing.
These days we're working on some lines of work.
There's a bug for what in rio if you resize a window more than a certain
resolution, it crashes the system.
But pdksh and mksh still don't work.
Another script is another shell dependency more.
I'm not sure what you're asking.
Sorry, I'm just the poorman who builds harvey's native gcc.
Sadly none of this solved mksh issue.
Rio will chase me until death.
Some tests and gawk worked at all.
This must be invested.
I really dunno how could our build tool to use params never specified in anywere.
Never stay between a Nazgûl and its prey.
I have a bootstrapping cross native gcc compiler.  So soon could be possible
building harvey from itself and many others.
Most important goal is having Go building inside harvey.
Come on, Go fans, doors are open.
Native toolchain is almost here.
We all things like this many times at work and you know it.
Weird header, I guess it's GPL compatible.
Here we go again.
I'll invest this.
Now we only have the barrier of native building.  WIP :-).
volunteers for building the cross toolchain for macOS Sierra?