I STAND ALONE against your mad, deadly,
worldwide conspiratorial gangster computer-god communism
with wall-to-wall deadly gangster protection
life-long sworn conspirators, murder incorporated, organized crime
the police and judges
the deadly sneak parroting puppet gangsters
Using all the gangster deadly Frankenstein controls!
These hangman-rope sneak deadly gangsters, the judges and the police
Trick, trap, rob, wreck, butcher, and murder the people
To keep them terrorized in gangster frankenstein earphone radio
slavery for the communist gangster government
And con-artist parroting puppet gangster-playboy scum-on-top!

There is no escape from this worst gangster police state, using all of
the deadly gangster Frankenstein controls!

Spray me with poison nerve gas from automobile exhausts and even
Deadly assaults, even in my yard with knives, even bricks and stones
Even deadly touch tabin or electric shock flashlights
Even remote electronically controlled around-corners-projection of
deadly touch tarantula spiders
Worldwide living death (x4)


Worldwide living death

Your organization was lying to us!

Worldwide, systematic instant plastic surgery butchery murder, fake
aging so all people are dead or useless by age 70!
Done at night to you as a Frankenstein slave!
Parroting puppet Gangster slave
Now even you know I am a menace to your worldwide, mad, deadly
communist gangster computer-god!
Therefore, I must go to extermination before I am exterminated by this
gangster, computer-god concocted
And controlled worst mongrel organized crime murder incorporated
gangster communist government
I hand you the secrets to save the entire human race, and the entire