[the] W3C couldn't make bread without at least three different comitees and
several hundred megabytes of XML involved
does C++ have insults yet?
calling Kant's philosophy bullshit seems a bit harsh to me, actual bullshit has
practical applications as a fertilizer
romanticism: pick something random evil and terrible, convince yourself it's
actually good and utopic, ???, PROFIT
if the Berkeley folks designed a spoon, it would be part of the dishwasher
we [people of #cat-v] should get renamed to cat --warning_level verbose
BIND people could put security holes into a hello world program
EFI should be renamed to WTFI
ACPI -- Abominable Crap Produced by Intel
enterprise product descriptions are also written by Markov bots
Plan 9 software has more contradicting versions than the bible
the last time someone tried to unify europe he killed himself after his dog died
i like how 2011 cell phones emulate 1970 modems
I'm about to make lunch.  Should I build a community around it or merge it back
into the main tree to prevent it from being worthless?
i'm using the thick nietzsche book from preventing the window to fall shut, i
should have bought the kant one, would be better
XML at least enforces some structure, YAML is just bashing your head to the
keyboard and let the YAML parser figure out the rest
rockets are like bootloaders, they have multiple stages and explode half of the
it's hard not to get trolled in #go-nuts
if PCRE doesn't support a feature, the PCRE guys just haven't heard of it
how does "" work there?
i only use high quality organic libraries from local farmers
RoR lacks support for self-signing-oriented NoSQL-based XML over YAML shader-based
metadata-oriented solution
programming is serious business, no place for hippie lovefests
Masturbation has many applications, e.g.  aerodynamics or quantum theory.
if physics was like computing, we'd go back to geocentrism because it's flashier
kfx: are you trying to troll me?
Faust II is a great example of the second system effect
what good is a cure for AIDS if we can't get epistemology right?
we need objectivism oriented programming!
i don't care whether it's crap because of the hegelian dialectics they used to
construct it
really this wouldn't have happened if the lawnmower was nuclear powered
luckily i don't watch tv
there is no feature so bad that some people won't love it.
my DH key exchange is so secure, not even the other client knows the secret
hell is other people's code.
what's weird is that uriel loved gay colours
fiddling with russian machines is so not worth it
ANSI C was an inside job
downside of cambridge: too many people think
double d;
i wouldn't make structural beams out of copper
i am angry at this macroshit
whenever i waste 8 KB just to make array indices line up nicely, i think of all
the megabytes javascript wastes
should write manpage
this is why you don't code late at night
my comment to code ratio is usually around 0%
games/snes is good enough that i find myself playing games instead of working on
imagine a forced brace around a human face -- forever
Note that ACME cannot produce more than 64 KBytes of code
maybe i should write a sort of primitive compiler
imagine a boot stomping on a raspberry pi -- forever
systems with a finite amount of memory are so 2013
you find interesting things googling for "obvious photoshop"
fuck you
it's just art
i hate gaussian elimination
erection reset by beer
trying to figure out how this physics question works
shut up BurnZeZ
was that a bodged irc command or a threat?
you certainly do want a 50 Ohm termination satan in your path somewhere
home IC production is insane
humbling experiences: trying to saw wood
the world tiniest hjviolin: ending
the google maps app on iphone did some funky stuff today
some of the slides are quite technical and suggests he sort-of knows what he's
i haven't added any code to slow it down to normal speed yet
people whine about peak oil but the real problem is peak thinkpad
now i need to either clean the rest of my laptop or get my keyboard dirty
fuck matlab
it was a british version of chilli
problem exists between pink glasses and chair
the problem with gravity is that stuff always wants to get really close to each
this is all fucking bs
cambridge called my high school physics teacher saying that they would like to see
more students like me
please mention important details like you fucking rebooted
we were specifically told not to break the laws of physics
(E^(-((4 a^4 k0^2 m + 2 I a^2 k0^2 t + m x^2)/(4 a^2 m +2 I t))) (-2 E^((2 a^2 k0
m (a^2 k0 + I x))/(2 a^2 m + I t)) Sqrt[m] (2 a^2 m + I t) (2 I a^2 k0 + x) +E^((m
x^2)/(4 a^2 m + 2 I t)) (-2 I a^2 m + 4 I a^4 k0^2 m + t) Sqrt[4 a^2 m \[Pi] + 2 I
\[Pi] t]Erfi[(Sqrt[m] (2 a^2 k0 + I x))/Sqrt[4 a^2 m + 2 I t]]))/(2 m^(3/2) Sqrt[2
a^2 + (I t)/m])
us universities are weird
do you need to be a rocket scientist to see that if you have a complex of formula
Cu(gly)n.H2O with molecular weight M then n = (M - M(Cu) - M(H2O))/M(gly)
sometimes i just look at my own code and go
why do people hate bush but love obama
europe works differently from the us
i hate the smell of asn.1 in the morning
i'm starting to suspect the whole idea of bioaccumulation of heavy metals in
humans has an element of bullshit in it
i think historians REALLY hate hitler for making this gross oversimplification of
germany history from 800-1800
amazon reviews seem nearly useless to evaluate technical texts
the only zsh configuration that's not embarassing is "exit"
imagine a forced brace around a human face -- forever
the four horsemen of the computing apocalypse are backwards compatibility,
standard comittees, management and intel
all this typesafe bullshit has only replaced Segmentation Fault with
in the end people's experiences vary
sometimes i hate being so contrarian all the time
in german "sandwich" implies a certain level of sophistication that english seems
to lack
half the time i find myself thinking "this is not artificial intelligence, this is
artifiical stupidity"
in the end there is no substitute for thinking.
values of netscape beta will give rise to dom!
Im just sayin, everyone that confuses correlation with causation eventually ends
up dead.
whenever i hear the word tuple i reach for my (C,B,H,T,B') where C is a chamber, B
is a barrel, H is a handle, T is a trigger and B' is a bullet
"++c;" is an idiotic way of writing c++ that, ironically, was made popular because
of c++
well my experience is different.  fight me.
in 'a new kind of science' wolfram ventures into comedy
3.  Introduction
i'm starting to think that being able to communicate efficiently via text is a
surprisingly rare gift.
i have to admit i was a huge dan brown fan when i was like 8 years old
honestly win32 api is not that bad if you get down to it
when i joke i often don't know what side i'm on.
cambridge doesn't use textbooks :)
there are two kinds of people, those that experience fossil corruption and those
that lie about it
doctor i'm becoming increasingly worried that life may not be a simulation
i think i found a troff bug
step 1.  make sense.
humanity is a myth
i wrote hjfs
man, xterm code
♥ awk
i should write an essay Politics and the C programming language some time
first the airport security guy decides that aijuboard is a bomb
where would science be without "obviously"
VAX is what happens when you smoke too much microcode
so i guess the lecture notes are wrong [again]
maybe that's why rob wears pink glasses
this chocolate pudding is commercial, so it's not too bad
i've thought about it and came to the conclusion that we are most likely not
living in a simulation
use acid