Hello 9fans!
I have another question.
Mime mail has a lot of things.
I have finished all.
hg is very complicate and so I dislike it.
your fix is nice!
by the way, I am feeling uneasy.
isn't this make a problem?
Sorry I have mistaken.
Does someone fix this problem?
JIS83 is used in official Japanese documents and also in communicating with legacy
I am happy if I have the driver for Plan9.
I have tried several time ...
I have discussed on latter.
I have been annoyed with a cs problem.
I experienced this message some months (or a year) ago when I did something.
有澤 健治
I found more curious phenomena.
By the way, time stamps are something curious.
Our society is too small to do everything by ourself.
My wife uses Windows and my son loves NEXTSTEP.  Both of them never use Plan 9.
Plan 9 and NEXTSTEP are different in concept.  The difference comes from the
supposed users of these operating systems.
I'll leave it up to you.
example is required.
I want to believe this is a bug.
your blank line doesn’t have a white space.
can anyone explain this feature is necessary?
If you noticed something bad, please inform me.
Sorry, my mouse had a problem to click.
bell-labs wiki page is down.
Is this only to me?