you should stop doing magical thinking
if you know nothing, making more measurements will not help you
i told you before, stop applying patches from ubuntu linux to 9front
BurnZeZ: wrong
troff is the assembly language of text setting, lots of newlines
god damn it
theres no error message for stupidity
just stop doing that
off to work
Dis code doesnt fuck arround
i just know pokemon exception handling...  catch them all
stop bullshitting
I can no longer sit back and allow NIX infiltration, NIX indoctrination, NIX
subversion and the international NIX conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our
precious cats.
maybe i can get a job as deep packet inspector
filtering the internet is like trying to vacuum the desert
my inodes explode in delight
this bug report is full of bugs
until reproducable test cases are provided, i dont belive anything
why does plan9 always have to change to fix go?
i have an idea
what if the battery runs low on my smc file?
but why do you need that?
i wonder
lets make a website
we cannot abandon logic
i have no tools to fight witchcraft
9front is sandcastles on the beach, everything else is sandcastles in YOUR FUCKING
they should'v been more sorry
you probably killed yourself
is there any good init system for systemd?
its like dos, but it doesnt work
every time you hit backspace with a selection in rio, robs pink sunglasses reflect
a flash of light
how does my opinion matter?
the best code is the one that isnt there.
so this is fossil bug
thats easy
another way would be me moving to america
why do i have to repeat myself
which all can be avoided with discipline
old rob: "no." -> new rob "No."
"no key matches" might be misleading
honor, code, hjfs.
fuck you intel
we'r already pretty much dead
with captain blaubär this wouldnt have happend.
i'd not advice for using tls
so really, unix doesnt have this concept of a shred env
srv files are not srv files
stop mashing keys