kernel: add missing ethermii.h dependencies. patch from cinap_lenrek

kernel: fix missing header dependency for ethersink.$O

kernel: let /rc/bin/diskparts attach #k after #S partitions are loaded up

kernel: move devether and wifi to port/

kernel: properly handle bad attach specifiers

aijuboard bootloader: fix 10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX support

pc64: add magic _intrr() symbol for ktrace (thanks mischief)

pc64: fix intrr(), avoid the linker moving intrr() arround

zynq: fix 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX support

devether: mux bridges, portable netconsole

devether: remove (unimplemented) detach, allow device creation on attach

devfs: only set configed flag if config was read successfully

devip: add “reflect” ctl message, fix memory leaks in icmpv6, fix source address for icmpttlexceeded, cleanup devip: fix crash on negative dev id on attach

devip: fix ipv6 icmp unreachable handling, fix retransmit, fix ifc locking, remove tentative check

devip: implement source specific routing

devip: improve arp and ndp code

devip: increment in counter AFTER acquiering the ifc lock or loopbackmedium

devip: make v4 ifc broadcast and multicast routes specific to address

devip: more v6 improvements

devip: pick source address for neighbor solicitations as of rfc4861 7.2.2, cleanup

devip: properly initialize the connection ignoreadvice and tos flags

devip: various icmp stuff

devip: verify ifcid on routehint check, check Route.ref for free’d routes

devip: add some primitive rate limiting knobs to counteract bufferbloat

devip: don’t set mtu of interface to zero when not specified (thanks joe9)

devloopback: reassign device letter from #X to #λ to avoid collision with devvmx

devusb: fix format print warnings for ep->ntds and ep->uframes

ethersink: after the experiment, the zeros get dismantled. and then destroyed.

ethersink: provide promisc and multicast functions for v6, set out queue limit to 0 on attach, add to pc64 config

audiohda: add device id for x260’s Intel Sunrise Point-LP. (thanks rodri)

igfx: add support for T510 (thanks mycroftiv)

nusb/cam: NEW usb video driver

nusb/ether: mux bridges, bring in line with devether

nusb/lib: add maxpkt and ntds to Altc struct

nusb/kb: add usb tablet support

nusb/ptp: set storage name to their human readable description string

nusb/usbd: increase buffer size to capture port information

nvidia: add pci device id for GeForce 6200 AGB (thanks bitmapper)

usbehci: add uframes control request to return uframes one at a time

usbehci: catch interrupt in tsleep

usbehci: fix medium- to low quality highspeed isochronous transfers

usbxhci: fix mistake in completering()

vmx: allow setting mac address of using ea:nnnnnnnnnnnn! prefix, use genrandom() to generate mac globally unique mac address


ape: improve assert macro

ape: add signed fixed size integer typedefs to u.h

libc: allow /net/cs to specify local address for dial()

libc: add signed fixed size integer typedefs

libmp: add awk-generated tests

libmp: add new tests

libmp: add mptod and dtomp

libmp: more tests

libmp: mpdiv: fix dividing 0 by a small power of two

libmp: mpdiv: fix sign bug

libmp: mpdiv: get signs right…

libmp: mplogic: don’t drop carry out

libmp: mpmagadd: force output sign +1 always

libmp: mpmagadd: oops…

libmp: mptod/dtomp: add to mp.h

libplumb: allow attributes larger than 4096, set some malloc tags

libplumb: fix old leak introduced in 18b8ed1a5ea3

libplumb: fix plumbunpackpartial()

libsat: NEW sat solver

libsat, forp: fix va_list hack on amd64

libsat: fix one of the satmore() bugs

libsat: satmore: don’t try to override user defined variables

libsat: setmalloctag, fix incorrect allocation size

libsat: satget: don’t duplicate binary clauses

libsat: satget: include unit literals


9fs: break 9front case into several cases: 9front, 9bugs, 9contrib, 9grep

audio/pcmconv: fix accidental cast to float instead of double

auth/asn12rsa: also convert ASN.1 encoded public key to plan9 format

camv: NEW camera viewer

camv: fix display locking issues

forp: NEW formula proover

forp: fix multiplication; change division to C semantics

forp: fix precedence for []

forp: fix ternary operator

fstype: make copy of first sector in /env to avoid unaligned reads on the disk (for devfs)

ftpfs: no caching by default, add -c flag to enable it (patch by mycroftiv)

g: revert accidental change, document missing file type

games/gb*: reverse savegame field polarity

games/gb*,blit,c64: fix phaser coolant leak during resize

games/2600: NEW add port of aiju’s 2600 emulator

games/mines -g: elements taken from list should be -2, not -1

games/mines: bikeshedding

games/mines: build a better ghost trap

games/mines: chain new CLists in splitknown correctly

games/mix: fix incorrect line numbers

ip/gping: icmpv6 support

ip/ipconfig: always refresh ndb/cs and ndb/dns when adding or removing ip addresses

ip/ipconfig: fix exit status for ndbconfig

ip/ipconfig: fix v6 ndp code, use source specific default routes

ip/ipconfig: populate /net/ndb from v6 router advertisements, configure multiple addresses in ndbconfig()

ip/ipconfig: setup per local address default routes

ip/ipconfig: stop spamming the console about router receiving RA’s

ip/ipconfig: use unique ip/ipmask/ipgw values close to match for ndbconfig

ip/ipconfig: fix parseip() error handling in ipconfig, ppp, tftpfs and dns

ip/linklocal: invert the localadm bit from mac address instead of just setting it

ip/ping: stop doing clever things with dialstrings, just let cs/dial figure it out

ip/ppp: remove old struct

ip/ppp: set source specific default route regardless of primary flag, set link speed thru new ctl message when -b is specified

ip/traceroute: icmpv6 support

ndb/cs: fix crash in ndbredorder due to ndbnew() not maintaining the ->line ring

ndb/cs: remove paranoia debug toggle

ndb/cs: remove single-ip-address assumptions

ndb/csquery: insert \n between read chunks

ndb/dns: lookup all entries in dblookup(), v4 and v6 queries in parallel, remove weigthed timeouts

ndb/dns: remove single-ip-address assuptions

ndb/dnsquery, ndb/csquery: handle long lines

ns, devproc: quote path and spec arguments for /proc/$pid/ns, namespace(6) does support quoting

ns: remove left over vararg check pragma

pc: add $ operator

ptrap: NEW plumber filter

sort: fix bug where it incorrectly included the field separator in the comparison if it was >= Runeself

sshfs: update qid and filename on Tcreate

upas/fs: fix imap atom quoting (thanks Piotr Kubaj)


forp(1): NEW manpage added

forp(1): document [] and some bugs

ip(3): document changes on /net/arp and /net/iproute

ipconfig(8): clarify -p and -P options

lock(2): fix typo

mines(1): fix misleading HISTORY wording, documentation and chronometric control of supernatural apparitions

pc(1): always allocate at least one mpdigit (itomp assumes this)

resample(1): document -n option

twsi(3): fix wrong unicode codepoint in manpage

upasfs(4): remove duplicate -m definition (thanks rodri)

manpages: shut up about tex(1)


fortunes, rob, rsc, theo: What’s this? https://plan9.io/

drop your /lib/keyboard sir william, I cannot wait till lunchtime.

cpurc: remove obsolete device binds, run diskparts after $sysname is known. remove /env/boottime. document.

termrc: put #u in front for endpoint renaming to be effective, handle multipe ether= tuples in ndb

remove ipv6on