dash 1 manual



kernel: get rid of 36 bit Paerange mask in mtrr (supporting machines with more than 64GB of memory)

kernel: don’t tokenize inplace in isaconfig() to make /dev/reboot work

kernel: introduce devswap #ΒΆ to serve /dev/swap and handle swapfile encryption

pc64: add ether82598 driver to configuration

devfs: rewrite cryptio()

ether82598: support for T540-T1, use physical addresses for isaconf port

sdnvme: identify namespace list fails on intel ssd, just assume nsid=[1]

xhci: do bounds checking in capability walking, check if controller vanished on init (thunderbolt unplug)


libauthsrv: preserve readcons() error message from read() error

libc: cleanup atexit and put exits() in its own compilation unit

libc: wunlock() part 2

libc: improve alignment of QLp structure on amd64, cosmetics

libsec: add AES CFB and AES OFB stream ciphers

libsec: allow \r\n terminated lines in decodePEM()

libsec: export asn1encodedigest(), asn1encodeRSApub(), asn1toRSApub(), pkcs1padbuf() and pkcs1unpadbuf()

libsec: make sectorNumber argument for aes_xts routines uvlong

libsec: fix the (ape) build, bring ape libsec.h in sync with plan9 version

libsec: rewrite aex_xts_encrypt()/aes_xts_decrypt()


aux/wpa: prevent PTK re-installation attack by replaying AP retransmits

cwfs: use /dev/swap instead of #c/swap to determine memory size

netaudit: check for fs=

hg: disable tag caching, allows accessing hg repo from dump

hgwebfs: simplify retry loop construction

ndb/cs: icmp only supports version 4 addresses, icmpv6 only version 6 addresses

rsa: add auth/rsa2asn1, check write error in auth/rsa2x509 and auth/rsa2pub, document in rsa(8)

ssh: remove extern declarations for pkcs1padbuf() and asn1encodedigest() (now in libsec.h)

sshfs: use mtime for qid.vers, fix wstat without name change, fix wstat memory leak

upas/fs: fix putcache(), sub-part messages should never go into the lru

upas/fs: replace fixed cache table with lru linked list

upas/smtpd: don’t call syslog() from the note handler, this can deadlock

vt: block when sending input to host (fixes truncated paste)

winwatch: show windows with empty labels (thanks jpm)


aes(2): document aes_xts_encrypt() and aes_xts_decrypt() functions

swap(3): document permissions and encryption behaviour, reference to memory(8)


9boot: limit read size to 4K for efi simple file system protocol


tinc(8): mash peer to peer VPN