dash 1 manual




devdup: remove useless OCEXEC check, handled by namec()

devsegment: handle ORCLOSE on segment directory correctly, fix wrong qid, missing COPEN flag for segmentcreate()

devusb: double READSTR buffer size to 8000 bytes for devusb

devusb: superspeed bandwidth allocation handled by controller, skip usbload() calculation

devvmx: lilu dallas multivm

devvmx: call vmxshutdown from reboot() function manually

devvmx: more efficient data structure for memory map; simplified (more reliable) step function

audiohda: Intel Sunrise Point-H support (thanks sam-d)

audiohda: add pci id for ICH10 (thanks echoline)

audiohda: add pci id for Intel 9 Series

audiohda: add pci id for nvidia GM204

ether82563: add more pci ids for i210 and i354 from 9atom / openbsd

ether82563: make the ethernet of thinkpad p50 work (thanks sam-d)

ether82563: support for i211 with iNVM. (thanks mfny and brennan for testing)

etheriwl: add pci id for Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200 on x201 tablet (thanks arpunk)

igfx: add did for x220

igfx: fix cdclk and dpll settings for dual channel lvds on sandybridge

igfx: fix sandybridge fdi link training bits and ordering

sdiahci: Intel 200 Series Chipset Family PCH support (thanks aiju)

sdnvme: pass 0 instead of 0xffffffff as NSID for identify controller and create completion/submission queue commands (thanks Ori_B)

usbxhci: abandon multiple requests per endpoint, cleanup

usbxhci: handle out of memory in controller initialization

usbxhci: implement recovery from host controller errors

nusb/disk: add a 100ms sleep after ums reset, remove unused note handler, cleanup


libmach: support disassembling from memory


awk: allow string as exit status

awk: don’t get into a infinite loop with eof while in string (thanks BurnZeZ)

cwfs: -n always overrides postservice() name, no matter if config mode changes service

doom: add games/wadfs

doom: clean up temporary mus files

ssh: issue “winchon” ctl request to /dev/consctl to get interrupt on window size change from vt(1)

sshfs: fork ssh in its own namespace so it wont keep the mountpoint open

sshfs: start sendproc and recvproc in the same notegroup as the fs process so theadexitsall() works on sshfs: ending.

sysinfo: only dump #r/nvram on amd64,386

sysinfo: run aux/icanhasvmx with verbose flag

vmx: lilu dallas multivm

vmx: VGA framebuffer should be normal memory

vmx: don’t realloc virtio queues – breaks pointers

vmx: fixed code that assumed uintptr==uvlong

vmx: memory map improvements, x86 simulator for MMIO

vmx: allocate sticky instead of more expensive fixed segment

vmx: fix hlt idle problem

vmx: pass multiboot framebuffer info to kernel

vt: block selection mode for snarf

vt: fix silly bug causing characters be drawn one at a time

vt: implement /dev/cons and /dev/consctl as a fileserver, winch, incremental redraw

vt: turn off nl -> nl+cr translation default in raw mode, don’t scroll more than screen height


booting: rename pcf kernel to pc, remove pcf, pccpuf, pccpu64 kernels, update documentation

inst: don’t hardcode /net/ether0, might have usb ethernet

inst: get rid of halt, just run fshalt in finish directly

inst: get rid of ppp configuration

inst: post newfs fileservers under /srv/$fstype.newfs to avoid conflict with preexisting local filesystem


vmx(3): document changes to devvmx interface