dash 1 manual




kernel: add support for sticky segments (cached, preallocated, never paged)

kernel: fix bounds check in screenputc()

kernel: pass bootargs also in multiboot command line, retire the bootline mechanism to pass arguments to /boot/boot

pc kernel: mkfile target usbehcipc.$O needs ../port/usb.h, add usbxhci.$O

pc, pc64: adapt devvmx to ork on pc64

pc, pc64: enable usbxhci in the configuration

pc, pc64: support for multiboot framebuffer, common bootargs and multiboot code

pc, pc64: debugexc: ignore exception if in kernel mode and can’t get hold of up->debug

pc, pc64: keep shadow copy of DR7 in Mach and use that to check whether we need to reset DR7 in procsave(); remove superfluous reset of DR7 in mmurelease()

pc, pc64: reset DR7 in mmurelease

pc: add vmx device

zynq: simplify initcode stack setup (just do it in init0 when the stack is mapped)

devusb: fix wrong pollival calculation in setmaxpkt()

devvmx: add support for SG_STICKY segments

devvmx: add support for extrap command to configure halting on exceptions

devvmx: error handling in clearmeminfo

devvmx: fix CR0/CR4 readout; also don’t exit on PAUSE instruction

devvmx: remember segment names and free segments properly

devvmx: support debug registers; simplify assembly

devvmx: support pat and efer registers

usbehci: fix crash in cancelisoio() for highspeed device due to wrong pollival

usbohci, usbehci, usbxhci: save mmio base address in ctlr, cant PADDR() on 386…

usbohci, usbuhci, usbehci: use physical address of registers for matching controllers and printing

usbxhci: basic iso write support (usb soundcard playback)

usbxhci: better approach to unstalling endpoint and fixup td ring

usbxhci: commit work in progress xhci driver, no config yet

usbxhci: experimental usb3 support

usbxhci: handle changing maxpkt on control endpoint by reevaluating endpoint context

usbxhci: implement command timeouts and aborts, serialize unstall

usbxhci: implement controller handoff, ignore usb3.0 ports, honor pollival for isochronous endpoints

usbxhci: provide shutdown function to halt the controller

usbxhci: simplify xecp()

usbxhci: use physical register addresses for matcing controllers and printing. simplify endpoint slot initialization.

aux/vga: simplify vesa by adding rgbmask2chan() function

nusb/usbd: create endpoint files for conf #1, usb3 preparation

nusb/usbd: support for usb3 hubs


libfis: fix inverted CHS bit

libregexp: fix lexer so it doesnt move past the string when it gets a \ escape


8l, 6l: get .frame offset right undoing $-4 hack

acid(1), proc(3): document watchpoints

acid: add getfields() builtin

acid: always create proclist variable

acid: provide hooks ‘procattach’ and ‘dying’

acid: watchpoint support

ktrace: handle amd64 stacktraces correctly


add aux/icanhasvmx

aux/cpuid: decode family and model bitfields

auth/factotum: complete p9any v.2 server protocol, but don’t enable it.

hpost: delimit @filenames by newline so files with whitespace aren’t mangled

hpost: fix field content mangling when newlines are present

upas/fs: handle plumbing for new messages for concurrent index updates

vmx: I/O string instructions, incomplete support for IDE disks, misc fixes

vmx: add support for (so far) crude 9p debugging fs; add gdb stub; clean up linux gdt code

vmx: clean up region handling code; changes to support amd64

vmx: don’t zero all memory, don’t abandon uart on eof, sleep before transmitting uart data

vmx: fix ‘-v text’

vmx: fix non-vesa framebuffer mode

vmx: fix translateflat on 64-bit

vmx: i8042: translation changes reported keyboard id

vmx: linux kernel loading; PIT fixes to support linux; support VGA 0x3D4 word writes; support sending virtio ethernet packets to a file and prepending snoopy headers

vmx: obsdfb: check if curmode is nil

vmx: round up frame buffer size to whole pages, ignore vga access in linear framebuffer, tell openbsd about framebuffer

vmx: support debug instructions

vmx: VESA support and other misc I/O improvements

vmx: complete cmos

vmx: fix build on non-x86 architectures (switch vlong)

vmx: fix pic ‘specific eoi’ bug, fix kbd bug, add fake IDE and floppy controller

vmx: fix virtio bugs

vmx: implement virtio reset

vmx: improve PIT/keyboard support

vmx: obsd: load kernel symbol table and allow setting root device

vmx: openbsd support: parse more options

vmx: remove debugging print

vmx: slightly more vga support

vmx: support EFER and PAT access

vmx: support loading openbsd kernels

xd: use new bio magic to make -u more efficient


/lib/{rob, rsc, theo}: Yup.

remove /sys/lib/##redacted##.##redacted## (thanks ##redacted##)


authsrv(6): don’t say old p9any isnt in use anymore…

pc(1) clarification

print(2): clean up vlong flag description

rc(1): catch up with a change made long before 9front

segment(3): document sticky segment type

vmx(1), vmx(3): add vmx documentation