dash 1 manual



kernel: avoid waserror() botch in devwalk (from drawterm, thanks aiju)

kernel: fix memory leak in checkpagerefs() debug function (thanks aiju)

kernel: fix rewinding in directories with pread() offset

kernel: fix twakeup()/timerdel() race condition

pc: handle PCMP and RSD being in low (kaddr) or reserved (vmap) memory

pc: fix memory leak and add clog() function

pc64: state mp.h dependency for archacpi.$O

devdraw: ignore drawdebug command

devsd: handle case where theres no ifc->enable() function

devsd: check return value of ifc->enable(), don’t leak unit name/user strings

devvga: include hwgc in vgactl file

devvga: remove unused copy of checkport() function

sdvirtio: return 1 for success in vioenable()/viodisable()

sdnvme: NVMe controller driver (work in progress)

sdnvme: don’t write completion queue doorbell register when nothing has been processed

sdnvme: enable in pcf, pccpuf, pc64 kernel configuration


lib9p: allow rewinding in 9pfile directories

libavl: fix documentation

libavl: lookup can return the closest match

libdraw: get rid of _drawdebug variable

libmemdraw/libmemlayer: get rid of drawdebug prints

libmemdraw: get rid of kernel iprint() emulation

libregexp: miscellaneous little cleanups

libsec: sha256 support for thumbprint files, use it in ssh as well

libsec/tlshand: fix ECDHE and DHE for SSLv3

libsec/tlshand: fix mpint to bytes conversion, reorganize send/recv buffer, check for overflow in msgSend()

libsec/tlshand: simplify tlsReadN()


5e: fix special bitshift and rotations

[012568kqv]a: correctly lex full range of integers in the assemblers (thanks Ori_B)

fix yacc bug (found by dan cross)


aux/wpa: go to background when not prompting, handle open networks

chgrp: remove unused function declaration (thanks archeus)

cwfs: allow “none” user to rename files

factotum: append public rsa encyption exponent after the modulus

file: recognise Xilinx bitstreams

fortune: avoid buffer overflow for lines >= 2K, make sure index has at least one entry, use nrand()/ntruerand() for uniform distribution

games/blit: mkfile: install into /bin/games

games/blit: always show top-left corner; add tony kaku’s -m flag

games/blit: remove strange debugging line

games/galaxy: fix exit race condition by pausing the galaxy before threadexitsall

games/galaxy: parallelize gravitational force calculations

games/md: copy updated cpu.c from blit

hjfs: Add comment to change the OFF size to 8 when given the chance

hjfs: Clear all refs to zero when reaming.

hjfs: Fix bugs in ref count scan check. Enable as a console command (caveat: command arguments will change as I implement more functionality)

hjfs: add simple scan check of directory entry blocks

hjfs: avoid 8c “non-interruptable temporary” warning

hjfs: check: check a block if its ref count is not zero. Also check all the ref counts of blocks of a directory and clean up messages

hjfs: disable hjfs check until more functionality is complete

hjfs: fix broken dprint

hjfs: improve error messaging around blocks that are not found

hjfs: merge start of hjfs check implementation

hjfs: simplify dprinting

hjfs: start implementation of checking a directory

ip/torrent: avoid requesting same chunks

ip/torrent: avoid peerid collision using truerand() instead of time(0)

ip/torrent: exit immidiately when file is complete after verification and not being in seed mode

ndb/dns: double Maxretries for long cname redirection chains

nusb/lib: make usbcmd() return value symmetic; returning size of data phase (if any) (thanks aiju)

nusb/ptp: treat any assocation as a directory

nusb/serial: pl2303: better error handling

replica: use libavl for avl tree implementation

rsa2ssh: drop support for version 1 key format

ssh: weekend project

ssh: actually handle flow control and channel id’s

ssh: add “none” method to find out list of acceptable methods

ssh: add support for subsystems

ssh: cleanup debug messages

ssh: close the channel when vt hangs up

ssh: do not try authentication methods that we know are not possible

ssh: document thumbfile options

ssh: fix locking, and key reexchange handling

ssh: fix typo

ssh: implement password and keyboard-interactive authentication methods

ssh: implement primitive hostkey verification

ssh: increase initial window size for better throughput

ssh: loop keyboard-interactive on failure

ssh: make number of retries configurable

ssh: print the whole ssh-rsa hostkey in base64 when thumb check fails

sshfs: add -r and -M options

sshfs: check correctly for directory bits; calculate parent directory correctly

sshfs: don’t cache directory contents

sshfs: don’t crash when no /etc/password file could be read on the remote side

sshfs: fix -r / retulting in “//foo” paths, memory leaks, use estrdup9p()

sshfs: look up uid/gid from /etc/^(passwd group)

sshfs: remove debug print

sshfs: reset SReq->reqid field to fix double-free of request ids

upas/common: deliver mail to mdir as .tmp file and rename after it has been fully written

upas/fs: don’t abort on malformed unix header

upas/fs: fix dir comparsion and skip directories in mdir, avoid stat

upas/fs: fix sync condition

upas/fs: fix warning about unused Err: label

upas/fs: make use of Maxmsg consistent

upas/fs: remove imap lastread debounding

upas/fs: simplify imap4read()

upas/send: use openfolder() to deliver mail to avoid code duplication

upas/smtp: Revert smtp dial string behavior to match that of old upas (thanks sam-d)

upas/smtp: fix cram-md5 auth, simplify doauth(), check varargs for dBprint()

upas/smtp: generate 128-bit random message id (was 32 bit), use dBprint(), cleanup unused variables

vt: convert from event to threads

vt: cursoron, don’t resize winow when replying history

vt: fix background drawing

vt: fix xterm cursor keys

vt: handle application/normal mode (really fixes cursor keys)

vt: handle insert/delete/home/end keys for vt220/xterm

vt: handle nocolor flag and reversed background colors

vt: handle underline attribute

vt: implement snarf support

vt: increase history buffer to 64K runes

vt: send interrupt on exit, open logfile OCEXEC, run host after environment got exported, send rest of arguments to host


change cpurc to look for service folder in /cfg/$sysname and /cfg/default

disable all services except 17019, 17020 by default

dist/ndb: move sources auth server to ndb/common, list root dns servers in ndb/local as a fallback

inst/configether: in manual network configuration, ask for dns server

/lib/rob, /lib/theo: I don’t think so.


9p(2): fix typo in manpage

add blit(1) manpage

plumb(2): Fix typo in description of Plumbdelattr (thanks sam-d)

webfs(4): timeout is in milliseconds not seconds (thanks sam-d)

vt(1): the “send” menu became “paste”

ssh(1): add $home/lib/thumbfile to FILE section

ssh(1): add bugs section about host not being authenticated

ssh(1): initial documentation, needs examples for authentication

ssh(1): refer to thumbprint(6) for the sshthumbs file format

rsa(8): fix description of rsa2ssh (now, ssh2 format only)

add sshfs(4) manpage

sshfs(4): fix bad cross reference