9FRONT “полезные дураки” RELEASED




dash 1 manual



ether8169: add support for RTL8106E (thanks _potato)

ether82563: work arround phyprobe() failing on 82579LM without cable plugged in (thanks mischief)

pc, pc64: bump Qmax in devarch

pc, pc64: get rid of active.Lock and active.thunderbirdsargo

pc, pc64: avoid AP’s spinning in syncclock(), don’t wait for thunderbirdsargo

pc, pc64: assume tsc and lapic clock rate on application processors is the same as on bootrap processor

pc, pc64: give cpu servers as many image cache strctures as processes

pc: don’t use active.thunderbirdsargo in vunmap() tlb flush code

pc64: enable cputemp driver

teg2: fix format string warning in mmu.c

devmouse: refactor screen blanking logic


libaml: make heap size field int, implement BankField definitions


5l,6l,8l,kl,ql,vl: allow duplicate GLOBAL symbols (from Ori Bernstein)


auth/asaudit: check factotum key ; netaudit: mention asaudit NEW

auth/asaudit: missing \n in print

auth/asaudit: quote user and dom attributes in factotum key

auth/keyfs: support -r flag to mount read-only

auth/readnvram: also print dp9ik key

authsrv: more useful error reporting

authsrv: don’t hash in hostowner key for keyseed

authsrv: salt the keyseed from /adm/keyseed file

authsrv: handle short reads in initkeyseed()

authsrv: fix mkkey() dummy key generation (thanks aiju)

authsrv: get rid of needreply parameter by changing vnc protocol handler

cwfs: handle DMTMP flag in create

games/doom: music support (thanks qu7uux)

games/doom: avoid /dev/cursor fd leak into music process

games/doom: don’t spawn midi process when opening /dev/audio failed (thanks qwx)

games/galaxy: Change button 2 to reposition the galaxy, remove “move” from the button 3 menu

games/galaxy: avoid unnecessary calculations

games/galaxy: fix creation of new bodies

games/galaxy: fix zoom

games/galaxy: new mouse behavior

games/galaxy: simplify zoom loop

games/galaxy: tweak pausing behavior

games/midi: ignore bends, allow piping from stdin and to stdout, write in chunks from within sample loop (thanks qu7uux)

games/mus: midi converter (by qu7uux)

gs: fix dangleing pointer crash with “lock” (ghostscript Bug 697204)

gs: check for sufficient params in .sethalftone5

gs: validate parameter is dict in .initialize_dsc_parse

hgwebfs: keep trying as long as we get needkey response

hgwebfs: rewind data before pushing

ip/ipconfig: don’t null terminate the dhcp string options.

play, file: recognize midi and mus audio

tapefs: handle more cpio formats (thanks qrstuv)

upas: merging erik quanstros nupas

upas/fs: fix memory leaks in tls code, handle tls in a common wraptls() function

upas/fs: tls sni support for pop3/imap

upas/fs: remove planb mbox code

upas/fs: getting rid of the fine-grain locking…

upas/fs: remove unused segbrk memory allocator

upas/imap4d: change listener from ip/imap4d to upas/imap4d

upas/imap4d: simplify auth with encodefmt (backport from 9front)

upas/spf: delete okcidr(); always trust spf records


vga(3): complete list of vga controllers and software cursors

mus(1): fix manpage references

send(8): document new reject behaviour with -r flag

diskparts(8), prep(8): add edisk in NAME section

games(1): document games/midi -c arguments

add mdir(6), splitmbox(8) and update upasfs(4)

add redact(1)

authsrv(6): fix typo “ther” -> “their” (thanks aiju)


update /lib/legal/NOTICE

inst: make command window not overlap stats window in glendas riostart

cdproto: make mdir for glenda, various cleanups