New 9front release “NINE FRONT DON’T QUIT!”


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kernel: fix cb->f[0] nil dereferences due to short control request

kernel: add srvtls and tlsclient to bootfs.proto for encrypting connection to the file server

devssl, devtls: fix permission checks

etheriwl: add pci id for PRO/Wireless 5350 AGN (thanks Ori_B)

vgaigfx: fix device id for Ivy Bridge (thanks Kenji)

vgaigfx: check gtt to determine graphics memory size, add hw cursor support for g35 (thanks kenji)

efi: allow access to iso filesystem on non-cdrom media (iso/hybrid)

efi: ensure 8 byte alignment of buffer, as ReadBlocks() method will fail otherwise


libauthsrv: dont pass netroot to netmkaddr()’s defnet parameter in authdial() (thanks kenji arisawa)

libmemdraw: remove unused static variable from memimagedraw()


9boot: add iso hybrid loader 9boothyb

auth/rsa2x509, auth/rsa2csr: allow appending SubjectAlternativeNames (SAN) to multi-domain certificate generation

auth/rsa2x509: generate x509v3 cert as extension field might not otherwise not be expected

awk: restore old buffering behaviour for printf

cc: use UTFmax not 4 (djc)

cc: prevent symbol buffer overflow

dist/mkfile: generate iso/hybrid image for 9front.iso

exportfs: disallow ORCLOSE in readonly mode (charles forsyth)

games/mahjongg: off by one in bmatch(), fix hint() redraw (thanks Kenji)

ip/ipconfig, ip/ppp: preserve preexisting entries when writing /net/ndb

jpg: output partial image data when available (truncated files)

ndb/cs: fix memory leak (charles forsyth)

rc: fix inband globbing bugs, cleanu

rc: remove pointless Memcpy(),Malloc(),Realloc() and efree() wrappers

rc: remove historical unix and win32 ports

rc: remove duplicate Xrdfn entry from fname[] array

rc: fix double close() in addenv()

rc: simplify execfinit() / Xrdfn() using the globber to lookup /env/fn'#‘*

rio: only the current window may change the cursor, fix typo screen->r vs w->screenr in drag()

add srvtls and the corresponding tcp17020 service

upas/marshal: strip trailing whitespace from header values


9boot(8): document 9boothyb


remove š and Š from estonian keymap

add belarusian (by) keymap (thanks eric lindblad)

add polish keymap (thanks chomzee!)

/lib/vgadb: add Panasonic CF-R7 LCD panel (thanks Kenji)