New 9front release “ALLES LÖSCHEN!”


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dash 1

dash 1 manual


retire the dec alpha port

remove unmaintained bitsy (ipaq) kernel

remove unmaintained omap4 (pandaboard) kernel

etheryuk: add Yukon 88R8055 id from erik quanstros driver (thanks Kenji), add to pc64 kernel


ape: remove openssl

ape: add libauth, libbio, libmp and libsec as replacements for openssl

ape: return plan9 error strings from strerror()

libauth: remove support for import command in namespace files

libauth: remove unneeded includes for authsrv.h, avoid pulling in dependency for rerrstr()

libc: fix out of bounds access in dirpackage(), simplify

libc: remove unneeded #include <auth.h> for crypt() and netcrypt()

libdraw: avoid BPSHORT()/BPLONG() expansion, cleanup loadchar(),cachechars()

libdraw: dont postnote to pid==0 in ekill()

libjson: add slack space to literal string buffer to handle bad runes (thanks mischief)

liboventi: remove unused liboventi

libregexp: New libregexp and APE ported to native

libsec: dont use mips assembly routines for spim, wrong endianess

libsec: fix memory leak of RSApub, avoid parsing certificate twice to extract rsa public key

libsec: implement elliptic curve group operations in jacobian coordinate system

libsec: implement server side ECDHE key exchange with secp256r1, move DH state in TlsSec structure, simplify

libsec: implement server side SCSV preventing silly client fallbacks

libsec: order tlshand cipher suits by: keyexchange>=cipher>=hash, ignore client preference

libsec: recognize and decode PKCS#8 wrapped RSA private keys for auth/asn12rsa

libsec: x509: convert to UTF8 from BMPString and UNIString, reject \0 bytes


9fs: add “sites” to the 9front case

abaco: respect $font

acid: don’t get fooled by spaces in convflt()

awk: replace ape awk with new native port (thanks spew)

gs: replace openssl aes implementation with ape/libsec

hg: create system wide /sys/lib/hgrc to enabled hgwebfs extension

hg: set $HOME when not already set to avoid silly uid lookups which can fail if theres no /adm/users

hg: set mercurial.url.has_https when hgwebfs extension is in use

kbdfs: add shift+altgr table 7 for polish keymaps

ktrace: sign extend stack dump pc for amd64

python: remove openssl support, use ape/libsec for cryptographics hash functions

rcpu: make sure not to leak /env/fn#server and /env/fn#aanserver for drawterm (thanks mischief)

rsagen: increase default key size to 2048 bits

vncv: fix netmkvncaddr()

webfs: change %H (hostname) format to %N to not collide with encodefmt’s %H (hex)

webfs: fix “fd out of range” error message

webfs: fix memory leak of serverName in tlswrap()

games/mole: add “snake” tracing effect to mole


abaco(1): remove readweb

aes(2): mention aesCBC bug

srv(3),shr(3): correct reference

shr(3): document example

listen(8): document tcp17019 rcpu service

listen(8): fix html rendering

rsa(8): provide example for converting OpenSSL generated PEM file to factotum

rune(2): add Runeerror reencoding considerations in BUGS section (thanks aiju)

tls(3): document support for TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2


/lib/ndb/common: update ip addresses for [BCHL].ROOT-SERVERS.NET

add danish keymap (thanks Eric Lindblad)

add missing target for antiword in /sys/src/cmd/aux/mkfile (thanks _sl)