New 9front release “The muscott icon of it! Why devil?”



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dash 1

dash 1 manual

kernel and drivers

kernel: make fversion()/mntversion() types consistent

kernel: make kernel UTFmax and Runemax consistent with libc (21-bit runes) (thanks maurice)

kernel: fix tsleep()/twakeup()/tsemacquire() race

kernel: print pid as %lud instead %lux (in tsleep() debug print)

kernel: fix procflushmmu()

kernel: remove unused NSMAX, NSLOG, NSCACHE constants from portdat.h

kernel: always clunk closed fids asynchronously, regardless of caching

zynq: introduce SG_FAULT to prevent access to AXI segment while PL is not ready

zynq: cleanup devarch, flushmmu() after procflushpsecg()

devip: handle ignoreadvice flag for all protocols

devip: applying changes for bug: multicasts_and_udp_buffers

devkbd: change /dev/kbd to return multiple messages per read

devtls: fix wrong iounit

devtls: add portable AES-GCM (Galois/Counter Mode) implementation

devtls: zero secret information before freeing, cleanup

devtls: print the path of the underlying chan in status file

ether82563: initial i217 support from (thanks k0ga)


libc: fix runestrecpy() return value (thanks spew)

libdraw: remove flushimage calls from fontresize() and loadchar()

libdraw: don’t flush in readmouse() when theres nothing to flush

libdraw: have openfont() set error string

libdraw: fix out of bounds memory access after subfont array reallocation (thanks ray)

libFLAC: update to 1.3.1

libsec: fix verifyDHparams() for version <= TLS1.1

libsec: remove weakCipher[] array check as we do not support any of these weak ciphers

libsec: add portable AES-GCM (Galois/Counter Mode) implementation

libsec: fix tlsid for TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_AES_128_GCM_SHA256, TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_128_GCM_SHA256

libvorbis: update to 1.3.5


6in4: allow setting the local IPv4 address with -i flag (thanks k0ga)

6in4: ingress filter multicast and link-local, but allow relay traffic

9fs: bind -b /n/!7734 /n/lists

aan: use sync messages as keep alives

aan: handle case when reader closes netfd

auth/pemencode: fix usage()

bullshit: +progressive +enhancement

file: deal with negative coordinates in plan9 bitmaps, print image size

g: dont pollute the environment (thanks BurnZeZ)

games/life: add -d delay parameter, -b color reversal parameter, and update manpage

ip/gping: set display->locking before starting mouseproc (race)

ip/gping: ignore advice, fix packet corruption check, remove dead code

ip/gping: add main pid to pid list for killall()

kbdfs: map Kup/Kdown the same in shift tab (fixes shift-[up]/[down] one-line scroll in rio over drawterm/vncs)

mercurial: fix CVE-2016-3630

mothra: dynamically allocate buffer for refresh url (was 20 bytes stack buffer before) (thanks BurnZeZ for reporting)

plot: handle create() failure

ppp: md5 and mschap inside chap, do not request encryption with -c or -C (thanks k0ga)

ppp: Small format and log fixes (thanks k0ga)

ppp: fix buffer overflow, set correct state after chap negotiation (thanks k0ga)

pppoe: Avoid double free (thanks k0ga)

pppoe: Add support for -c and -C to enable/disable header compression (thanks k0ga)

rio: remove more unneccesary flushimage() calls

rio: /dev/kbd cleanup

stats: fix display->locking race

tcp567: run authserver with p9sk1 tickets disabled preventing offline password brute-force

truss: fix “bad string” error due to missing ape _nsec() syscall

truss: add fake __NSEC syscall name for ape

uhtml: dont trust charset=utf-8 attribute, verify.

vncs: fix dead Kend key

vncs: parse screenid as long, not short: BGSHORT() -> BGLONG()

vt: add -r flag to start in raw mode

manual pages, documentation, misc

devstream(3): removed

kbdfs(8): document new /dev/kbd behaviour

qball(2): fix bad manpage reference

fortunes: Ah, nice. the woodpeckers are back.