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dash 1

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kernel and drivers

kernel: remove todfix overflow iprint() spam

pc/pc64: remove mpshutdown print

pc/pc64: bring up ap’s one after another, use idlehands() while waiting for thunderbirdsarego

pc64: move idle() routine after CALL main(SB) as the comment suggests

sgi: add chmod to bootfs.proto for sgi kernel

devdraw: remove unused Edepth[]

devmnt: deal with partial response for Tversion request in mntversion()

devssl: use tsmemcmp() to compare mac to close timing side channel

ipv6: fix icmphostunr() locking and memory free bugs (from sources)

usbuhci: removing “uhci bug” print spam from interrupt handler

wifi: check tkip/ccmp mac and crc in constant time avoiding timing side channels


provide /n and /mnt early in bootrc to allow consistent use in /lib/namespace


ape/fmt: %p and %z format for amd64

ape/stdio: %z format is VLONG on amd64

libauthsrv: add D in mkfile

libauthsrv: fix ed448 goldilocks prime comment

libauthsrv: can write p = 2448 - 2224 - 1 now, as mpc has constant folding.

libdraw: remove unused static log2[] array

libfis: dont reject drives lacking SSP (sata ssd connected to ide with adapter)

libmp: handle out of memory case in gmfield()

libmp: remove include of libsec.h

libsec: add salsa20 stream cipher

libsec: ecdsa client support for tlshand, cleanups

libsec: refactor asn1 encoding of digest for rsa signatures, fix memory leak in ecverify

libsec: mpconv -> mpfmt

libsec: fix missing error case unlock() in tlshands initCiphers()

libsec: fix double free in pkcs1_decrypt(), handle bad epm length in tlsSecRSAs(), cleanup

libsec: simplify pkcs1_decrypt()

libsec: add libc.h include for aes_xts.c (drawterm)

libsec: fix memset() size in tlsConnectionFree(), remove #include <bio.h>

libsec: remove unused tlsSecKill()

libsec: have 16 32-bit words in DigestState to avoid out of bounds warnings for poly1305


/rc/bin/“: fix quoting bug (thanks, aiju and silasm)

auth/cron: just run /bin/rx to execute remote commands

auth/factotum: fix nil pointer crash on p9skclosekey(), thanks k0ga

auth/factotum: fix memory leak for p9any key confirmation, fix key handling for role=client

aux/kbdfs: read outer /dev/kbd file and use it just like /dev/kbdin

exportfs: properly reply to chdir() error when we speak 9p

exportfs: retry execing ourselfs as “/bin/exportfs” (argv0 might be relative path)

exportfs: fix endless loop for eof/error on second read in localread9pmsg()

games/doom: fix white window issue on exit

games/doom: handle allocimage() failure

mpc: constant expression folding

ndb/dns: removing the buggy /net.alt remount hack

ndb/dns: initialize unknown fids to point to the root qid

ndb/dnstcp: -x specifies the mountmoint

newuser: /n/other now handled in /lib/namespace

rc: terminate rc when exec fails, cleanup

rcpu: adding experimental rcpu service [1]

rcpu: post hangup note to remote when connection breaks

rio: fix wrong frame colors when moving non-current window

rio: exit rio when /dev/cons or /dev/kbd read loop terminates

rx: rcpu service support

stats: use rimport or import to mount remote system

tlsclient: add -o option to establish connection over a file, free the AuthInfo structure to avoid leaking secrets

tlssrv: p9any authentication support using TLS-PSK cipher suits

tlssrv: add -A flag to skip changing user after authentication (usefull for aan)

upas/smtpd: remove unused lastsender logic

webfs: faster shutdown using postnote()

manual pages, documentation, misc

fortunes: ./configure CFLAGS=“-I$HOME/source/harvey/ape/amd64/include -I$HOME/source/harvey/ape/include -mno-red-zone -ffreestanding -fno-builtin -nostdlib -trigraphs -D_SUSV2_SOURCE -D_POSIX_SOURCE -D_LIMITS_EXTENSION -D_BSD_SOURCE -D_BSD_EXTENSION -DHAVE_SOCK_OPTS -DHARVEY -DPlan9” LDFLAGS=“-static $HOME/source/harvey/ape/amd64/lib/crt1.o $HOME/source/harvey/ape/amd64/lib/crti.o $HOME/source/harvey/ape/amd64/lib/crtn.o -L$HOME/source/harvey/ape/amd64/lib -L$HOME/source/harvey/amd64/lib” LIBS=“-lbsd -lap -lc” LIBM=“” –prefix=$HOME/source/harvey/ape/ports –host=x86_64-linux-gnu –build=x86_64-harvey –enable-shared=no

/lib/keyboard: add more crucial symbols

glenda’s default profile: remove /n/other mount, done by /lib/namespace

authsrv(2): document _asgetpakkey(), authpak_hash(), authpak_new(), authpak_finish()

authsrv(6): fix arrows

salsa(2): some formating fixes; fix source reference

rcpu(1): add