New 9front release “MAKE EVERY PAY-DAY BOARD-DAY”


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kernel and drivers

audiohda: add AMD FCH Azalia Controller (thanks qeed)

bootrc: simplify bootargs splitting avoiding awk

boot: allow alternative proto files per kernel and kernel config for bootfs.paq

boot: bind #c to /dev with MREPL instead of MBEFORE to avoid double entries

boot: disable group/other permission checking in bootfs paqfs

boot/zynq: add jtagload utility, implement sdmmc boot (fat)

devkbd: remove kbdputc() and unused constants

devsd: always page align sd buffers

emmc/pmmc: make all symbols static

ether8169: add 8168GU mac id (thanks qeed)

ether8169: fix Macv45

ether82563: work arround bad eeprom checksum for some i218 card (thanks BurnZeZ)

etheriwl: check the bluetooth co-existance errors (thanks qeed)

etheriwl: make rxon() static (thanks aap)

etheriwl: support for Centrino Wireless-N 2230 from freebsd driver (thanks qeed)

etherseeq: reset the card when it gets stuck (dma timeouts)

kernel: add segio() function for reading/writing segments

kernel: avoid repeated calls to reclaim(), dont miss last page in Pte

kernel: catch address overflow in syssegfree()

kernel: fix integer overflow in syssegflush(), segment code cleanup

kernel: fix physical segment handling

kernel: fixed segment support (for fpga experiments)

kernel: get rid of auxpage() and preserve cache index bits in in mount cache

kernel: leave shared, physical and fixed segments alone in killbig()

kernel: move arrow cursor definition to port/devmouse.c

kernel: state errstr.h dependency for proc.acid target (fixes acid kinit() on cleaned kernel source tree)

kernel: pass Ureg* argument to note handler in R0 register on arm

nusb/kb: always try to recover on error, fix recover for multi-function devices

nusb/serial: recognize aijuboard jtag interface

pc, pc64: extend initial memory map for qemu multiboot data

pc, pc64: handle 64-bit pci membars

pc, pc64: remove PCICONS debug buffer from pci.c

pc, pc64: state dependency to usbehci.h in mkfiles

pc: import intel i218 nic changes from 9atom

sgi: new kernel for sgi/indy with ethernet and newport graphics support

tcp: fix loopback slowness issue / set tcb->mss for incoming connections (thanks David du Colombier)

usbohci: ensure Ed and Td alignment, fix for amd64

zynq: do mpinit() early so cpu1 debug prints do not intermix

zynq: fix out of bounds access in etherprobe()

zynq: fix usb by implementing delay() and give proper port speed in portstatus

zynq: invalidate cache before booting cpu1

zynq: mmc support


lib9p: handle erealloc9p(…, 0)

libmach: use #pragma pack to force 4 byte alignment of bootexec.h structures for amd64

libmp: use portable mpdigdiv routines for mips (causes invalid instruction trap on indy)

libsec: remove aesCTRencrypt()/aesCTRdecrypt() (thanks mischief and qrstuv)

libthread: get rid of chaninit() (thanks qrstuv)

pool: avoid triggering assert(b->magic != FREE_MAGIC) in blocksetsize() for mallocalignl()


ape: fix lockinit(), main9, lock.c for mips

aux/listen: removing service script sholud kill listener (thanks mischief)

bzfs: handle erealloc(…, 0)

cc: catch non constant pointer initializers

6c: MOVL xxx, r; MOVLQZX r, r -> MOVL xxx, r

db: fix unicode support (thanks giacomo)

dhcpd: ignore “;” filename from sgi arcs bootp(); command

factotum: remove unused extern declarations of invoker and authdom from header

g: search .awk and .rc files

games/c64: writes to I/O area do not affect underlying memory (documentation lied)

games/doom: fix mips

games/doom: print correct version number on mismatch (thanks qu7uux)

games/gb: better emulation and gbc support

games/gb: fix -2/-3

games/gb: fix gbc dma

games/gb: improve sound emulation by modelling analog behaviour

games/gb: improved audio code

games/gb: limit audio range to prevent clipping

games/gba: fix -3 crash and prevent >100% speed

games/gba: remove debugging print

games/gba: very subtle timer bug fixed

games/sokoban: fix non constant inializer

gif: fix color table clipping (for cb5.gif)

gs: avoid 6c type propagation / constant folding issue for set_cb_end()

gs: fix bug 694539. Reading off the end of the cbuf when dash pattern len is max

hg: install hgweb templates

hget: work arround apache Content-Encoding: gzip for Content-Type: application/x-gzip bug

hjfs: fix erealloc(…, 0) crash when removing member from group array makes it empty (thanks 9dan)

hgfs: preserve newlines in commit message (thanks BurnZeZ)

httpauth: little helper for rc-httpd to do http basic authentication with plan9 auth server

imap4d: simplify auth code using encodefmt(), use readn() to get multiple of 3*18 in base64 input buffer

ircrc: remove unused clonefile

mothra: del, ins, wbr, strike support

mothra: remove unused confirmcurs; move confirmcursor up with the other cursors.

ndb/dns: reduce sencodefmt() to not link in enc32()/enc64() encoders

netaudit: comment file server auth test (unreliable on cwfs)

pemencode: handle base64 input length < 3, fix bogus zero termination

rc-httpd/handlers/dir-index: plan 9 files may be chmod +a

rc-httpd: support for http basic authentication, fix cgi support to work with hgweb.cgi

realemu: ignore access to CMOS/RTC address/data registers

sam: don’t make scroll-wheel-up change focus (thanks clsmith)

sam: prevent array overflow with multiple -i and -a arguments (thanks clsmith)

ssam: don’t pollute the environmen, fix typo

secstore: don’t print errors for dial() and readnvram() when not in verbose mode

smtp, smtpd: fix use of enc64(), fix memory leaks in doauth(), cleanup mkfile

snap: fix readseg() to cope with > 2gb segments

upas/marshal: deduplicate cistrcmp()/cistrncmp()/enc64()

vc: fix coffsect.lnno overflow into nreloc

vl, libmach, kernel: mips has 16K alignment for segments (for bigpages)

vl: prevent stack altering instructions to be hoisted above loads

webfs: do not send credentials in automatic referer url

webfs: fix proxy authentication

webfs: implement CONNECT method for https connections over proxy

webfs: simplify http basic auth code by using encodefmt()

webpaste: update for modified

manual pages, documentation, misc

audio(1): explain mp3enc wants raw data in the opposite byte order to /dev/audio (thanks, eekee), fix example

col(1): add SOURCE (thanks, qrstuv)

encode(2): clarify lim argument to enc*(), add SOURCE reference for encodefmt()

nintendo(1), qer(8): fix typos

nintendo(1): add SOURCE entry for games/gba

nintendo(1): update for gbc compatability

mp(2) man page: mpinvert, not mpinverse (thanks, pr)

mothra(1): replace with

passwd(1): passwd no longer needs to be run on a terminal; netkey is more stubborn.

pushtls(2): fix signature to TLSconn.trace(), tls.h -> libsec.h (thanks, pr)

rsa(8): recommend secstore(1) for Plan 9 RSA private key storage

secstore(1): add DIAGNOSTICS section

segment(3): document fixed segment creation

wpa(8): the -p flag will also prompt for user/password on wpa enterprise

theo: OpenBSD is not generally known as an exposed democracy.