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Oh yea, don't you guys think a redo option in sam would be useful?
no idea what that is
I don't even have 9front installed : )
man i really want to use plan9 but there's only one problem with it: its kernel is
not improving faster than linux's, and thus will be rendered outdated day by day,
because linux will constantly feature new improves
i really want to try and port a device driver from linux
I actually love how there is no distinction between root and normal user
What's wrong with acpi?
also will /someone/ please PLEASE fix abaco for me?  : (
I don't even know how to log on
How do I apply a patch?...
cool, abaco2 includes bookmark support
No I don't read shit
I still don't understand why namespaces are amazing yet either
is there a way to change the keyboard layout to dvorak
Are you being sarcastic
Yes I use vim extensively
Give me your time!
I can honestly see why people DO like C++, and I think the hate in here for it is
a little much.
Question: Why does XMPP suck?
Anyone against syntax highlighting?
Pronouns are not you're forte...
guys the driver wont be done by the weekend
time to look up what a spin lock is
What's the most available standard C library?  Glibc?
Jeez, quit being hostile.
Thought I had broken something.
Huh, never heard of this company before
Has anyone tried out 9front on the raspberry pi?
Well I'm trying to (finally!) do some kernel dev, so I want to pxeboot 9front onto
the pi
All I want to do is make some simple drivers
Richard Miller seems like an understanding, friendly man
All I know is what I read off of packages
_sl is right, I have no idea what I'm talking about
What can I power with a potato
Whoa this looks insane
Very cool
Well I know some people are into electronics in here, so I say this stuff to get
some reaction out of some of them
I'll draw a quick diagram
I feel like I'm tainting the code when I edit lib sources
I wonder how we can get kerning into the font system
woohoo, p9p finally working nicely!
Aw yeah!  Arial looks great.
You know what, lets just all take a break
I still really want to create a simple usb wifi driver...
Need to set up my raspberry pi to pxe boot
focus on what
just another hobby
I like typography
I want to get kerning into 9front too
I love the detail in those documents
I'm arguing about a tiny implementation detail
Ok well, you've answered my question, thank you :)
There is this nice project management web app called asana
I'm going to give it a whirl, hopefully it helps.
cinap said that
didn't know what a tuple even was, had to look it up
I guess it's broken
hm, well that didn't work
ok, heh.
hm, this doesn't feel very practical
so no one interested in mouse nudging in sam?
it was someone else's idea
oh shit, I think I fucked something up
I fucking suck at C and device programming
i know we've been over this
oh and just to throw this out there: sam would have a really nice touch interface
plan 9 in a VM guys, or should I go x86 emulation route
I think an emulator will perform better than a virtual machine
I'm not stating any facts
I clearly messed up
clearly this is all time wasted
none of this probably makes sense because you don't know what I envision
Anything 9front needs that can be done in a night?
I had a good idea for a terminal.  Basically it is the most simplistic terminal
ever, and all it does is take input and output.