New 9front release “ is precious” *


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kernel and drivers

kernel: avoid inconsistent reads in /proc/#/fd and /proc/#/ns

kernel: evaluate dependencies of bootfs.proto files for bootfs.paq

kernel: use new disk/mkfs -o option to get proper source filename list for bootfs.proto

kernel: generate dummy bootscreeninit() function when building without vga device

kernel: get rid of /boot/boot parametrization

kernel: correct dependency for printstub.$O instead of print.$O

kernel: remove unused bootdisk[] and fix conf.nswppo factor in kernel memory size calculation kernel: new mount cache

kernel: print addresses in hex and sizes in decimal in xallocsummary

kernel: remove “checked xxx page table entries” print from checkpages()

kernel: remove *.acid files in nuke target instead of $CONF.clean target

kernel: replace ulong with uintptr in ucallocb() and fix unneeded parentheses

pc, pc64, xen: change return type of intrdisable() to void

pc, pc64, xen: simplify #P/irqalloc

pc, pc64: adjust mpshutdown() comment to reflect the current state

pc, pc64: fix intrdisable() to remove the Vctl entry even tho we can’t disable the interrupt on apic

pc, pc64: include in #P/archctl simplify #P/ioalloc read handler

pc, pc64: remove old B.COM command line parsing and just pass tokenized BOOTLINE to /boot/boot as argv[]

pc, pc64: untangle acpireset() from mpshutdown()

pc, pc64: untangle embedded controller (ec) dependency from devarch

pc: dont handle pending floating point exception in fpsave thru FPOFF

pc: remove mmuinit0().

xen: fix cross build, fix mtrr dummy functions, remove segmentation constants, not used on xen.

zynq: added zynq kernel

zynq: lilu dallas, multicore

zynq: active.machs = 1

zynq: differentiate various pagefault types in faultarm()

zynq: dont do install target by default in the mkfile

zynq: enable branch prediction

zynq: enable prefetch hints and drop-prefetch

zynq: fix kernel configuration so it builds

zynq: fpsave() and fpclear() both need to disable the fpu

zynq: implement µs()

zynq: only tmpmap() while splhi(), remove unneeded coherence() after tmpunmap(), splhi() in l2free()

zynq: set mainmem->maxsize so kernel malloc() wont fail after 4MB

devip: exclude “don’t fragment” bit from ipv4 reassembly test

devdraw: remove broken color palette blanking

devmnt: handle rpc buffer exhaustion on mntflushalloc()

devvga: disable hardware blanking when switching drivers, check softscreen

devvga: use uintptr for VGAscr.paddr and

sdaoe: add to pc64 config, allow aoedev= shorthand for id!lun -> id!#æ/aoe/lun

sdiahci: sanitize ahci pci bar

sdide: add vid/did for 82801IIH Intel Q35 IDE controller (thanks kenji)

sdloop: hardcode Enotup[] string to avoid devaoe dependency

sdvirtio: move common “queue i/o and wait” code into vqio() function, handle notify suppression

sdvirtio: provide enable() and disable() functions so it can be switched off

vgavesa: get rid of the vesa kproc

igfx: work in progress intel graphics driver

igfx: get edid information from lvds

igfx: implement hardware cursor

igfx: support for X200 (thanks bigato)

igfx: support for X60t with 1400x1050 panel

igfx: vga support on x230, fix fdi link setup

igfx: vgadb entries for x230, x200s, l1730p, lcd2190uxp, x60t and x301

iwl: add “reset” ctl message to software tigger device reset


acme: allow typing ‘\n’ in window tags

acme: fix buffer overrun in xfidutfread() and xfidruneread(), cleanup

acme/win: fix fswrite() not assuming iounit < EVENTSIZE

ape: add fprint %z format (thanks Ori_B)

audio/flacdec: fix pcmconv pipeline race (thanks mischief and henesy)

aux/vga: vesa scaling modes

aux/vga: display switching for Intel adapters

aux/vga: scaling modes for VESA

aux/wpa: experimental wpa2 enterprise support

cfs: change default mountpoint to /mnt/cfs and fix the manual (thanks mischief)

disk/mkfs: add -o flag to list source files

factotum: implement proto=mschapv2 client role

hjfs: fix missing superblock dirty mark when reaming

hjfs: make -m default 4 MB instead of 40 KB

ip/ipconfig: set ndb database file with -f argument

ircrc: use aux/trampoline or tlsclient for connections, add -T flag for tls

kbfds: delete autogenerated latin1.h file when mklatin fails

kbmap: fix sprint() buffer overflow (thanks silasm)

ndb/cs: fix spelling (thanks mischief)

nusb/kb: fix alt/altgr being swapped for some reason

nusb/serial: fix nusb/serial hang with ftdi

pci: import pci script and updated database from 9atom

png: fail on invalid bpc

qmail: call mail instead of smtp with the wrong path

sam: ‘^’ and ‘_’ cmds; same as ‘<’ and ‘|’ except that stdout goes to the command window

stats: handle ‘q’ to close

tcs: update charsets. Fixes issue #214

tee: get rid of openf[100] array and just dup() filedescriptors to 3+[0..n-1]

terminus font: update .font files, remove references to old vga bitmaps

upas/nedmail: do not recursively plumb email multipart attachments in print command

various cmds: replace magic numbers with Kdel/Keof, etc

vblade: add erik quanstros vblade utility (with fixes for amd64)

vnc: put newlines in verbose messages

vncs: turn off auth with -A, do not require -c for -x

webcookies: avoid rereading and rewriting the cookie jar file all the time, dont return deleted cookies on search

webcookies: only sync the jar when dirty on clunk


libc: more strict checktree() for poolcheck

libbio: add Bfdopen() from plan9port

libflate: fix wrong adler32() length calculation (thanks qrstuv)

libdraw: don’t deference nil display in freefont

libdraw: don’t redraw input box in enter/eenter when mouse is moved outside the rectangle

libmemdraw: fix fd leak in openmemsubfont and memory leak in freememsubfont libmemdraw: never point Buffer.alpha to nil (thanks mischief)

libip: skip ipv6 loopback address (thanks mischief)

manual pages

6in4(8): document ayiya

factotum(4): document mschapv2 and wpapsk protocols

hgfs(4): add SOURCE and HISTORY to man page (thanks, spew)

pci(8): document vid/did argument, fix usage

plan9.ini(8) man page: update links to iwn and ral firmware blobs

rc-httpd(8): add HISTORY to man page

xargs(1) man page: add HISTORY (thanks, jpm_)