This site is my personal homepage listing various projects i'v worked on.

you can contact me over email: cinap_lenrek at the felloff domain




  • cifsd.tgz
    simple CIFS/SMB server for plan9. for more see cifsd(8) manpage.
    features include:
    • no configuration required: share name is maped to 9fs attach name
    • full read/write/stat/wstat/delete support for files and directories
    • started as none from listen(8)
    • NTLM auth (encrypted passwords)
    • unicode support
    • case insensitive filenames
    • wildcard searches
    • 64 bit file offsets
    • minimal RAP support
    wcpu is a plan9 cpu server for windows. right now its a expensive telnet server and doesnt do anything 9nish besides redirecting stdin/stdout to a windows console program.
  • drawterm.exe
    rewrote the devfs-win32.c to support multiple DOS devices and unicode. Here may be new bugs so use with care :-)
  • for windows. theres also a javascript version done by aiju (local copy)
  • w.exe
    wireworld cellular automata with this awesome wireworld computer


  • sdvirtio.c
    QEMU/KVM virtio block driver for plan9.
  • tcp80.tgz
    simple http server without cgi support for plan9.
  • execfs.tgz
    kind of like cgi for files :)
  • torrent.c
    torrent(1), bittorrent client for plan9.
  • page.c
    page(1) rewrite, has efficient zoom code, does read ahead and uses external programs for image rotation and resizing.
  • webfs.tgz
    webfs(4) rewrite, having HTTP1.1 and Keep-Alive support.

    A more current version can be found in plan9front, see webfs(4).
  • hgfs.tgz
    hgfs(4), a mercurial filesystem.
  • derp.tgz
    recursive 3-way diff for directories.
  • 9boot.tgz
    plan9 bootloader replacement. (9boot(8) in plan9front distribution).
    • main part written in c, small assembly stubs to call bios
    • supports fat, iso and pxe booting
    • has a simple command line to set parameters
    • plan9.ini support
  • realemu.tgz
    realemu(8), software emulation of /dev/realmode used to enable graphics cards thru vesa bios.
  • cwfs.tgz
    modified version of cwfs(4).
    • can use file names as wren devices directly
    • posting 9P and command service to /srv
    • use same arguments as kfs(4) so one can use the kfs boot method
  • mothra.tgz
    minjor improvements to the mothra browser by tom duff. (screenshot)
    • uses /mnt/web
    • support more foreign character sets by using tcs
    • dont render text in script and style tags
    • fixed that 4 pixel boarder
    • use acme/sam like colors instead of gray
    • scrolling with arrow keys
    • fixed screendump
    • true color images
    • support for width/height attributes in images
    • fix memory leak (mothra used to not free any memory)
  • tftpfs.tgz
    trivial file transfer protocol client filesystem. tftp doesnt know directories so we use a trick. if a path element contains a dot, it means it is a file, otherwise it is assumed to be a directory. for accessing files that have no dot in it, one can append a dot at the end that will be removed when sending the filepath to the server.
    % tftpfs -m /n/tftp
    % echo reboot /n/tftp/386/9pc. >/dev/reboot
  • usbptp.tgz
    USB camera filesystem for PTP cameras

    A more current version can be found in plan9front, see nusb(4).
  • delorean.tgz
    filesystem that fakes /dev/time and /dev/bintime. used to fool programs like cphist so you can replicate your filesystem history on your cpu server without changing the real system clock.
  • wol.tgz
    wake on lan for plan9. uses ndb(2) to resolve mac and ip broadcast.
  • apc.rc
    talk with APC Smart UPS and sync fossil/venti on power outage
  • gophe.rc
    gopher server in rc
  • synergy.tgz
    synergy client for plan9.

old stuff